Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fo' reals??

Yuck, I took a look back at this blog and it is yuck-0.

Maybe I'll transform it into something else half-way amusing.

Or maybe I'll just delete it.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Faker Title

This whole blog name seems to be a bunch of lies. It say "Comix 4 Geeks" yet, I'm not feeling it at all. I think this place needs to have more of a 'nerdish' and 'geeky' atmosphere. Ya know- the dress shirt and ironed underpants feel.

Er- sorry.

So how would all of you geeks out there feel if I posted not only more often; (yet again, I'm sorry) but actually POSTED some of my comix? Not that you have any opinion in this because I'm going to do it, but now that it's summer I (hopefully)
will have time to tend to the important things in life such as bowling, reading comix, and, of course, drawing!

And if I'm extra lucky, I may be able to finally watch all of my Astro Boy DVDs! ^_^

Go, go, go Astro Boy!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New Comix!

Alrighty, I'm going to be starting another J.D.C. comic in May,


I have two in mind; the first one is where you will meet "1905", AKA "Ixem" and learn about his past, when he and Flig. first joined the academy; and meet the pernicious villain Mexi who has his own plans for Ixem's future.


(J.D.C. Red Star) It's Family Week at the academy, and every one's going home to see their parents and relatives. All but Flig., who is parent-less, he feels 'family-sick' and decides to go visit his sister who's living with their aunt. Colby is off in Hana-La-La to go see his parents, so Ixem is left alone with Jhavvan. Ixem must escape the crazy man's influence of expanding horizons, diabolical story problems, and the crazy man himself!

So that's what I'm stuck on...

And a little update on how The Freezies are doin'....

They are currently on hold...

Friday, March 27, 2009

More of teh game updateh

Yeah, I wasn't expecting to be working on that "Crash of the Mini Serials" game so much as I said previously, <_<>_>
Instead I've gotten a lot of progress done on it- WHOA!

Here some screenshots of a couple levels I've done so far...

I'm not sure about the last one though, I can see some things I need to fix or change, but what do you think of the background or the whole thing?

Any comments or opinions are welcome!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just an update...

Well, I have no comix to show you this time. :*(

But not to fear! I promise that I'll have some done before the month is over! <:*) What I have been working on however, is a game- "Crash of the Mini Serials" (I'll get a pic of the menu later) It's just something I'm working on, because I'm dead sick of that stupid J.D.C. game that I've tested about 500 times. (BLECH) >_<

More like... "Making of a Moron"

And I should be working on this game... "Chibi Hunter"

But this is the game I'm working on now...

OK, now normally Kade wouldn't be punching Random or anything, but the game is still in the "developing" process. In this game,
you can choose which side you'll be on: (2 player game)
Star Scape or Code: Axiom. You'll battle your way through
(unknown number) of levels playing with your team
to see who's really the most 'swellerest' of the two mini serials.

I'm not planning on being done with game for quite some time-
so, until I finish SSROTU this game isn't gunna be here anytime soon.

I'll update ASAP when I can!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fun with C.A.

I've decided to work on 'Code: Axiom', just for fun-
I completed the series in 2007 and out of curiosity, I wondered
what they would look like today. I was 13 when I first created it, and
finished it when I was 14.

Soo... just for the heck of it, I wanted to try and draw them again,
(holy cow, it's been awhile!) I took some of the old comix and re-drew them...

Here's one of the old ones... :P

*******************************La` new ones******************************

Yeah, the old ones didn't looks so swell,
(it would be easier for you to compare them if I
had coloured the old one in. But I am waaaaay too lazy.)
I plan on doing a 3rd one; just because it was fun to try and "remake" them.
I did 2 types of shading on the comix, the top coloured-in
one is done with smooth shading;
and the bottom one is done with dot shading.
(It kinda gives it that 1940's Superman comic book look-

not that you can see it very well. :P)

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Hey all, this blog is generally for some comix series I draw-
I'll update for some new ideas I might have, comic series, or just random comix I will post every now and then.